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Does your horse have sand in its gut?

Support sand removal!

Especially now, when there is no more grass in your pastures and many horses are in paddocks, the risk of sand colic is extremely high, so it is important to act well in advance! Make sure your horse stays healthy. Pavo SandClear not only helps to remove sand from the gut, but also supports your horse's gut.

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Got a sensitive stomach?

Support a healthy gastric function now!

As we know, horse's digestive tract is very complex and its stomach very sensitive. In some cases it might be necessary to support the stomach a little bit more. This new supplement can promote regeneration of gastric mucosa in the stomach wall. Pavo GastriCover neutralises the effect of stomach acid and supports a healthy gastric function. Discover our new supplement and upgrade your horses diet!

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Perfect first aid support

Discover our new first aid for acute digestive problems! Pavo IntestoFin is composed out of a variety of unique oils that can provide support in case of mild disruptions of the digestive tract. The different oils are known for their beneficial properties for cramps, tension and flatulence in the gastrointestinal tract. If you have any doubts about your horse’s health condition, always contact your vet.

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Mueslis to unlock healthy digestion

Perfect support for stomach & gut function

Discover our new mueslis for a healthy digestion! Is your horse suffering from stomach pain? Or has gut problems like diarrhea or fecal water and it just won´t go away? Pavo GastricEase will optimally support your horse’s stomach wall and good gastric function, whereas Pavo GutSecure is there to promotes recovery of a disturbed intestinal flora and simultaneously helps to maintain a healthy gut function.

That's what our testers say:

"Great muesli! My mare has had stomach problems for many years and was often very unhappy. After 3 months with this muesli, my mare's irritable and nervous nature has completely disappeared. She is calm and happy again. The best result ever!"

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Roughage is the key

The foundation of a heathy horse diet is high quality roughage. Ensure your horse gets the best quality by providing him with Pavo roughage products. Check out our range of high fibre products.

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