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5 juli 2023 Reading time 1 minutes

Bram Chardon: 'Pavo's sponsorship gives us unlimited access to knowledge'

Four-horse rider, Bram Chardon, doesn't really know for how long his father is sponsored by Pavo. This year, the contract with the Chardon family has been extended again. "We have a great co-operation with Pavo and we do not feel any pressure from them to perform. Pavo really thinks along the lines of making the horses better and are very open and relaxed in this", says Bram Chardon.  

Bram Chardon explains that feeding a man's horse is quite complex: "We have horses that are purebred, because they have to be able to run a marathon. For a marathon it is important that the horses are at the top of their fitness game and have enough energy. But on the other hand, the horses must also have that extra touch to perform a relaxed dressage test. That's quite a challenge." 

Most of the horses in Chardon's team, therefore, receive Pavo Performance. A specially developed kibble to give sport horses maximum endurance. "In addition, we always have Pavo SportsFit with us when we go to competition, because you always have horses that are fussy eaters and then it is nice that you can offer variety. In addition, our horses get Pavo SlobberMash and Pavo DailyPlus. Sometimes, we also give the horses some Pavo BiotinForte as in a marathon they sometimes kick off a shoe, so we ensure that we always take optimal care of the hooves." 

The sponsorship by Pavo is very important to Chardon. "We can't make a living from top sport alone, so it is nice that there is financial support. But even more important in our sport is the unlimited access to knowledge. I think it's important to have some kind of basic knowledge around everything. Not only with food but also veterinary care, the carriage, the hoof fittings, the behaviour. By knowing something about everything, I can think along and give input, but the knowledge of real specialists is indispensable. It's important to have those close to you. I can always contact Pavo with my questions and they offer good advice. The fact that they have a very wide range is very nice because there is always a suitable solution." 

Bram Chardon indicates that the collaboration with Pavo is nice and relaxed for him. "We don't feel any pressure from Pavo to have to perform. They find it more important that the horses look fit, healthy and happy. We ourselves also find the way in which this is done very important. You can win, but if it looks ugly, that's not what you want to radiate. The horses have to show that they enjoy the work. At Pavo we don't have the idea that they want to impose everything on us or that they just want to sell us as many products as possible. They give advice and really think along the right lines to make the horses better. Sometimes this also requires the help of a veterinarian so the consultation about what is needed for such a horse is therefore very open and transparent.” 

Pavo is proud to sponsor several generations of Chardon and thus contribute to the health of the men's horses.