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Discover the power of Ahiflower®

What is Ahiflower plant?

Small plant – big effect

Explore the organic origins of Ahiflower, a wild plant found in UK hedgerows, now meticulously cultivated as a non-GMO agricultural crop. Ahiflower's unique blooms yield up to four seeds each, expertly expeller-pressed to create a superior omega-rich oil. Ahiflower has a clean taste and studies  (Source: Ahiflower) show many beneficial applications like anti-inflammatory support.

The smalles flower can make the biggest difference

Discover the natural and versatile power of Ahiflower®.
Pavo Ahiflower®Oil is your all-in-one solution when it comes to your horse's health. This unique oil supports:
- a strong immune system
- the mobility of your horse
- healthy skin and a shiny coat
- regeneration after work
- a good hormone balance
- efficient respiratory system

Pavo Ahiflower®Oil

All advantages at a glance

Why should you feed your horse Ahiflower®?

Protects healthy tissue, cells and organs
Supports the digestive system
Promotes the absorption of proteins
Has an anti-inflammatory effect
Helps in the defence against infections
Supports muscle building and recovery
Ensures healthy skin and a shiny coat

A horse cannot produce all omega fatty acids itself. It is therefore important to supplement them in the feed!

Perfect support from within

Ahiflower® benefits your horse

Discover the power of Ahiflower®. The 100% natural oil from the Ahiflower® plant is an absolute all-rounder when it comes to your horse's health. It not only supports the skin and coat, but also strengthens holistically from the inside. It supports breathing, mobility and joints, promotes a strong immune system and supports all types of regeneration, whether training or health-related. No matter where your horse has a small problem, Ahiflower®Oil is right there to cure it so that your horse stays fit and happy again.

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Also good for the environment

Ahiflower® is grown regeneratively, which means that in the cultivation process it contributes to soil, pollinator activity and biodiversity. Ahiflower thus helps to replenish the soils organic matter and restore degraded soil biodiversity.

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