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Get better, stay better, perform better

Pavo not only makes outstanding horse feed but also top-quality supplements.  

For all horses that need to feel better because they are lacking something and do not feel at their best. We all our love, care and the most recent insights into research Pavo supplements, for the little extra support that can make your horse feel better.  

For optimal health and balance in every horse to get better, stay better and perform better.  

For the little extra.

Recover. Prevent. Perform

Pavo not only makes outstanding horse feed but also top-quality supplements. For all horse owners who would like their horse to have a good and healthy life. Who simply wants the best. For their horse who may need some extra support. Or just lacks that something to really feel at its best. Pavo Supplements are made for a lifetime of wellbeing, happiness, and pleasure. If the horse simply feels better, it is better, stays better and can perform better.


Recover: Get better

Give an extra boost. Immediately

Pavo Supplements contribute, complement and help your horse recover quickly. 

For example, after illness or a dip in their health, after heavy exercise and in case of fluid deficiency. With a little extra boost from Pavo Supplements the horse can get better after a peak and enjoy his healthy life to the fullest.  

Find out now how you can give a horse an extra boost 

Better muscle support

Recover. Prevent .Perform

For faster recovery, considered prevention and better performance. Pavo Supplements are made for that little extra that your horse needs. For optimal health and balance in every horse. 


Prevent: Stay better

Support an optimal condition. At any time.

Pavo Supplements support and maintain wellbeing, form and fitness. Supporting your horse's natural resistance. With extra fast support. From healthy digestion to strong immune system. To stay in optimal health and balance in every horse. Find out now how you can best support your horse. 

Better immunity

Perform better

Achieve just that little bit extra. When needed.

Pavo Supplements support the performance of sport horses and ponies. These give them just that extra support and strength to get the best out of themselves. To perform and excel with joy, full of energy and power. If the horse is feeling better it is performing better as well. Discover now all applications to support your horse. 

Better joints & tendons