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Pavo, committed to excellence in horse feed production and we are aware of the role of quality. Product Manager Rob Krabbenborg details stringent checks on raw materials, ensuring adherence to nutritional, GMO-free, and doping-free standards. Every batch undergoes thorough inspections, focusing on factors like sustainability and CO2 footprint. Three dedicated staff members uphold strict quality control, holding suppliers accountable. Regular checks on production machinery and comprehensive assessments of end products for nutritional content and visual appeal are standard. Pavo's commitment includes meticulous shelf-life monitoring and an efficient coding system for prompt issue resolution, solidifying our reputation for quality.

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At Pavo, we're always on the lookout for innovative raw materials and additives to boost horse health. Under the guidance of nutritionist Pleun Broeren, our team works to create and refine products that suit horses in their different life stages. Pleun knows that this is the challenge of combining top-notch raw materials in a way to optimize horse health and performance at different life stages. We start by understanding the specific needs of each horse, tailoring nutrients accordingly for desired outcomes. Our recipe, including energy sources and protein content, is adapted to the horse's activity level and age. Pavo remains dynamic, staying updated with trends and science to enhance existing recipes and explore new products and raw materials. Our ongoing commitment contributes effectively to the evolving field of equine nutrition, ensuring the well-being of horses everywhere. 

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Insight product development

We notice trends, like the decrease in protein and increase in sugars in roughage per the Pavo Roughage Quickscan. This helps guide our product development, prompting adjustments to meet evolving nutritional demands. 


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We distinguish ourselves through extensive research in product development, ensuring not only efficacy but also taste appeal. Product Manager Rob Krabbenborg highlights the comprehensive testing process, with products passing only if horses willingly to eat them. Pavo's ongoing Roughage QuickScan, analysing 6,000 roughage samples annually, informs them of nutritional trends. Major studies, like those on Pavo GastricEase and Pavo GutSecure, iinvolve over 100 testers per product and demonstrate significant improvements in horse conditions. The company's largest research, the Podo concept, significantly enhanced foal bone health. Krabbenborg emphasizes a holistic approach, addressing both nutrition and management. Unsuccessful products are dropped, ensuring only thoroughly tested and effective products enter the market.

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Research news

Pavo contributes to a unique research into equine digestion. It is a study by Utrecht University and Wageningen University & Research into disturbed intestinal flora in horses. 


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Pavo is one of the main sponsors of EWEN 2024 (European Workshop on Equine Nutrition), Europe's most prestigious congress in the field of horse nutrition.


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Ensuring exceptional horse nutrition and quality control at Pavo involves different systems: GMP+ and SecureFeed. SecureFeed monitors raw materials and suppliers for food safety, enabling timely risk recognition. GMP+, an international quality system, mandates feed safety adherence, with inspections ensuring compliance. Pavo's commitment extends to producing 98% GMO-free products, meeting stringent EU conditions. Vigilant against doping, substances like cocoa are avoided in the production. Many checks on raw materials and end products guarantee the feed's highest quality, ensuring safety for horses, humans, and the environment. Pavo's precision and adherence to strict standards make our feed reliable with an of outstanding quality.

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