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Our progress

Our progress

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We support biodiversity

Bee highway for more sustainability

A "bee highway" is an innovative concept that aims to create and connect habitats for bees and other pollinating insects. This network of flowering plants along green strips, gardens, parks and other urban and rural areas is crucial for biodiversity and the preservation of ecosystems. Overall, bee highways support a more sustainable environment by promoting the balance of nature and reducing harmful practices.

Be part of our bee highway

Flower seeds in every online order

To build the Pavo Bee Highway, we need your support! With the next 2,000 webshop orders, starting in week 18, we will send you a packet of sunflower seeds that you can plant in your neighbourhood and thus become part of something big. Whether at the barn, at home in a pot or on your way to work, plant the seeds and enjoy the beautiful sight with the good feeling of supporting the bee population.

Sunflowers are not poisonous and you can even feed the seeds to your horse.

Another step towards sustainability

More sustainability through optimised logistics

The move of the webshop shipments to Nunner Logistics supports the sustainability goals of the Pavo Planet programme by reducing transport routes and combating unnecessary waste. The integration of the webshop process required careful preparation to keep the different systems synchronised. By centralising stock in one location, products can be managed more efficiently and shelf life can be better monitored, reducing waste. Sustainability is also sought in the area of shipping and transport by eliminating unnecessary transit movements and prioritising efficient routes.

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Donate in good time instead of disposing of it

Food donation for animal welfare organisation

Klepperstall e.V., an exemplary animal welfare organisation, received a generous donation of feed from Pavo for its rescued horses. With around 80 horses, the stable offers these animals a loving home. Pavo's support not only contributes to the well-being of the horses, but also to the sustainability of the project. Financial support through donations and voluntary work is crucial for the operation of the Klepperstall and the care of the horses. The organisation is always grateful for any form of support to continue its important work.

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Together for the equestrian sport

Pavo sponsors Courage Award

We are proud to support the wehorse Courage Award again this year as part of our Pavo Planet Programme!
On 8 June 2024, the wehorse Courage Award will be presented for the second time at the Longines Balve Optimum to honour special personalities who have shown great commitment to the welfare of horses. 
In light of the recent scandals affecting enthusiasm for equestrian sport, it is now more important than ever to highlight the positive examples and recognise the commitment to the welfare of our beloved four-legged friends. 

Ahiflower contributes to soil preparation

and is a sustainable alternative to fish oil!

Ahiflower is a plant that provides an oil rich in good omega fatty acids (EPA, DHA and SDA), in addition it is grown regeneratively, which means that in the cultivation process it contributes to soil, pollinator activity and biodiversity. Ahiflower thus helps to replenish the soils organic matter and restore degraded soil biodiversity.


Did you know that one hectare of Ahiflower produces as much omega oil as 450,000 anchovies?

Source: https://www.ahiflower.com/

Current initiatives

What we do for a happier earth!


Pavo refill bags: less plastic - more for the environment. To give our packaging a longer life and save plastic, you can refill them.


We only use FSC paper and have managed to change our feed bags from three layers of paper to two layers, saving around 20% paper in our packaging.


All materials used by Pavo are 100% recyclable! This means that they are returned to the cycle after disposal and will be reused.

Help to reduce plastic waste

Make use of refills

As part of our Pavo Planet Programme, we integrated refill packs into our portfolio some time ago. The three refill products (Pavo Vital, NervControl und MuscleBuild) have since been very well received and, in keeping with the motto "less plastic - more sustainability", we have already been able to save a lot of plastic packaging. Our refills, like our other paper packaging, are of course made exclusively from FSC® paper. We are currently planning to expand our refill range.