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Pavo Podo®Care Liquid


When foals are just born, they really only want to drink milk from the mare. Through the mother's milk, foals receive all kinds of nutrients to live and grow.

About Pavo®Care Liquid

When foals are just born, they actually only want to drink milk from the mare. Through the mother's milk foals receive all kinds of nutrients to live and grow. However, the amount of minerals which foals take in, particularly during the first few months of life, is not sufficient to support optimum bone growth. During the first month, a warmblood foal grows more than a kilo a day (!) and therefore has an enormous need for bone minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium; much more than it can get from its mother's milk. For a healthy foal with good bone formation it is therefore important to supplement these minerals.

Minerals paste for good bone growth

Pavo PodoCare Liquid is a liquid mineral mixture in paste form and the sister of the well-known Pavo PodoCare (in kibble form). We have developed this paste especially to be able to provide very young foals, which do not yet eat any pellets, with all the important minerals. So will your foal eat the Pavo PodoCare pellets (yet)? Then Pavo PodoCare Liquid is the solution to support optimal bone growth from the first weeks onwards.

Phosphorus and magnesium in Pavo PodoCare Liquid

Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are the bone minerals that are needed to produce healthy bone tissue. These minerals are present in the mare's milk, but research has shown that this does not contain enough phosphorus and magnesium to support the enormous growth of bones in the first months of life. And not only the absolute quantity is important here, but also the correct ratio between them. Too much of one or too little of the other can lead to bone disorders such as OC(D). Pavo PodoCare Liquid, just like the Pavo PodoCare pellets, contains phosphorus and magnesium in the right quantity and in the right proportions to support the bone development of the young foal as much as possible.

**Scientific research]among warmblood foals has shown that adding magnesium and phosphorus has a positive effect on the prevention of OC(D) in the first 12 months.

Manual Pavo PodoCare Liquid

1.Shake the bag with Podo®Care Liquid well and then empty it into the bucket.

2.Stir the PodoCare Liquid until the oil is completely mixed with the product.

Remove the cap from the syringe and fill it up completely (32 ml).

4.Slide the syringe through the corner of the foal's mouth into the back of the mouth.

Take the syringe apart after use.

Cleaning tip:

Do not clean the syringe with water but leave it apart until the next use. The oil will not dry the paste, making cleaning unnecessary."

Key features

  • The best start for a healthy foal
  • Supports a healthy bone growth
  • Scientifically substantiated effect
  • Liquid paste including 3 syringes


  • For the first 60 days of a foals life
  • For young foals that do not eat pellets yet


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